Welcome to a new Project Manager, Yugal Morjaria!

Focus on our growing dream team! We are delighted to welcome a new Project Manager to our ranks. This is Yugal, 24 years old, Project Manager.

Hello Yugal, and welcome to the Parisian team of MyScienceWork! Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Bilingual Project Manager and a big time cinema lover, my name is Yugal Morjaria, 24 years old, I recently joined MSW as a Project Manager in June 2022.

UPDATE! Yugal is no longer an intern at MyScienceWork since 2023... but a full member, our official Project Manager!!



What is your academic background ? 

I hold an undergraduate Bachelor degree in Management studies which I pursued from the University of Mumbai and I hold a Masters degree as well in “Grande Ecole” Program which is a dual degree program Masters in Management + MSc International Project Development from one of France’s prestigious schools: Neoma Business School. Also I am certified Prince 2 Foundation Project Manager.

I have done my French certification, niveau B2 from the worldwide recognized Alliance Française in Bombay. I am also certified by the diploma of IATA/UFTAA, which is the basic course in Tourism and Travel.

Can you tell us about the missions you have at MSW ? 

It has been more than 3 months since I joined MSW and I am handling multilingue portfolio of clients with a main goal of implementing Polaris OS for new customers or new features for existing customers.My key responsibilities are:

  • To be the bridge between the client and the developers

  • Managing the overall project: SCRUM methodology

  • Budgeting of the project

  • Testing of the developments

  • Maintaining the project management tool

  • Product management: understanding the services and answering the needs of clients in an effective manner

  • Predicting and controlling the risk factors

  • Documentation of the specifications

Focus on the main one with the Deutsche Bundesbank. How do you manage this project daily ? What’s your role ?

My role as a Project Manager for the Deutsch Bundesbank evolves different types of agile missions. Let's imagine that today is the first day of the week: I start with planning the sprint and for that I need to define the tasks for developers. I set a meeting with the R&D director of MSW and together we define the tasks that are to be developed in this sprint.

Once the tasks are defined, I launch the sprint on our project management tool and inform all the project stakeholders. After the completion of this step I organize daily scrum meetings with the developers team, where I try to understand what they are working on, if they are having some issues, some additional information required from the client. The rhythm I follow is 3 times a week to give autonomy to the developers. 

Maintaining the project management tool and keeping it up to date is one of the ongoing tasks, until the end of the sprint. In between of the sprint, where certain functionalities are developed, I pass those to the testing phase, where I rigorously test them and inform if there are some modifications or bugs to be treated.

D-day the sprint review, this is the period where we present all of the functionalities developed in the scope to the client and get the validation from their end. Sprint retrospective is one of the most important parts from my point of view as it is the phase where I try to understand what went wrong in the sprint, how can we improve, what all elements are to be added to increase the efficiency.

The cycle repeats, new week, new challenges and new sprint!

What is being a (good) Project Manager ?

To answer this question, I would rather say an organized project manager who is able to identify and prioritize tasks can be defined as a good project manager and MSW is giving me all of the opportunity to understand my strengths and weaknesses to be a good project manager. Also, there are qualities like attention to detail, organization, and always being in the scope of a project. 

Which tools to use for these missions? Trello, FreshRelease, Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) Draw.io on a daily basis. Do you have any advice for students who would like to become a Project Manager?

I still do not qualify myself that much to give advice to others, but from my experience and learning, I would resume some points which could be useful for future students.

  1. Interpersonal skills are something very important for a Project Manager.

  2. To develop essential hard + soft skills required in a project.

  3. To do certifications like Prince2 / PMP.

  4. Learn from experience & adapt yourself in different situations through agile methodology.