Understanding the Evidence for Better Cardiovascular Health

"Despite the impressive declines in CHD (Coronary Heart Disease) mortality in the United States, diseases of the heart, of which CHD constitutes the major component, remain the leading cause of death. In addition, cost estimates of cardiovascular disease (CVD) are enormous, roughly $500 billion per year, and those of CHD are approximately $177 billion per year."
- Earl S. Ford and Simon Capwell, Annual Review of Public Health

Public health programs, affordable drugs, and greater awareness and understanding of risk factors have contributed to a 20.1% decline in deaths worldwide due to CVD over 20 years. However, it remains the world's top cause of death – representing approximately 23.4% of all deaths across the globe in 2010.

In support of World Heart Day, Annual Reviews offers a special article collection covering the effects of diet on heart disease, the physiology of the aging heart, the role of behavioral and lifestyle factors on coronary health, and the influence of stress and mental health on cardiovascular health and disease.

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CVD and Diet

Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Their Health Benefits

Annual Review of Food Science and Technology

Dietary Fat and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease: Recent Controversies and Advances
Annual Review of Nutrition

Mediterranean Dietary Patterns and Cardiovascular Health, Annual Review of Nutrition

Pomegranate as a Functional Food and Nutraceutical Source
Annual Review of Food Science and Technology

Whole Grains: Benefits and Challenges, Annual Review of Food Science and Technology

Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer Epigenetics, Annual Review of Nutrition

Behavior and Lifestyle Contributors to CVD

Ten Surprising Facts About Stressful Life Events and Disease Risk
Annual Review of Psychology

Stress and Cardiovascular Disease: An Update on Current Knowledge
Annual Review of Public Health

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In adults, and now in teens, poor sleep is linked to cardiovascular risk

Top 10 secrets about stress and health

Physiology of CVD

Aging in the Cardiovascular System: Lessons from Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome, Annual Review of Physiology

Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Disease, Annual Review of Medicine

Public Health and Its Influence on CVD

Sleep as a Potential Fundamental Contributor to Disparities in Cardiovascular Health, Annual Review of Public Health

Family History in Public Health Practice: A Genomic Tool for Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Annual Review of Public Health

Proportion of the Decline in Cardiovascular Mortality Disease Due to Prevention Versus Treatment: Public Health Versus Clinical Care, Annual Review of Public Health

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Finland's Bold Push to Change the Heart Health of a Nation

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