Space travel: Backup solution or Utopia?

Mars, this out of reach planet… Or is it? 

Overpopulation, pollution, species mass extinctions, wars… Some tend to think the solution to all our problems could be to leave Earth and settle on another planet.

Mars maybe? How could we take an entire civilisation out of the Earth gravity influence, and install it on a planet without atmosphere or fertile soil? Between scientists and new explorers, the debate continues. Why wouldn’t we take care of Earth instead? Can’t we refrain our instincts to colonize and be more aware of our environment?

Powerful technologies for a sole purpose: step on the martian soil. 

When the subject of colonizing Mars comes up, a name is on every mouth. Elon Musk, billionaire and CEO of SpaceX, is the man to know if you want to be taken seriously. Self returning-to-Earth rockets, worldwide internet, connection between human and machine… Elon Musk tend to get involved in numerous fields of research, whether they are only projects or truly accomplished. On June 2015, the SpaceX rocket was the first one to successfully deliver 11 satellites and come back to be reused on the next mission. Recently, we saw images of the StarHopper making its first flight. in 4 years, SpaceX managed to transform a dream in a doable project: to step on Mars. 

“That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. Science is coming through with small steps, one at a time. Maybe one day we will live on Mars, maybe another planet, or maybe we will be able to deal with the issues we created here on Earth. That being said, hopping to the stars is still out of reach, at least for now. There are technical problems to be solved. 

As Elon Musk said: “I would like to die on Mars, just not on impact”.


Let’s not get carried away too quickly.

It is sane not to focus only on technical advancement. Despite the scientific and technological breakthroughs, we have to ask ourselves: are we ready as a species to move definitely from Earth?  Some people tend to think we should not be dreaming of settling in an unreachable planet and focus on our own, the Earth, that desperately needs attention. Not to mention that the commitment involved in taking an entire Humanity to Mars is gigantic. We listened to Phillipe Henarejos, Editor in chief on the review “Ciel & Espace” talk about the utopia that is space migration