Science knowledge sharing, differently!

Every day in the world, millions of scientists work hard and share their knowledge to each other. For all other audience who’s interested in different disciplines, reading public articles via online platform is the most general way to be inspired by their scholarly outputs. What if we can meet these talented people in person, chat and share a drink with them while discussing about intriguing scientific topics? Yes, here it is Pints of science - international festival during 3 days over 24 different countries. MyScienceWork as a partner will share with you amazing topics this year in France.

Come and share with us a pint of beer, of wine or cheese as you’d like, and we’ll share with you 03 most interesting topics via our social media’s updates.

Towards a smart future with AI

Smart 'things' are beginning to make their way into our everyday life. Maybe you already spotted an autonomous car on the road. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. How will our homes be able to assist us in the future? How can they capture the necessary information? And can a robot's artificial intelligence enable meaningful interactions with humans? Join us to find out how you may be interacting with smart 'things' in the (near) future!

-> Event in English at Le Sonart, 55 Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, PARIS 75009


Where do great ideas come from?

In today's world of global economy and complex modern societies, creative intelligence and innovative capacities have a widely recognized value for success. From arts to the sciences, business and technology, "great ideas" seem to drive progress in every human endeavour. But where do great ideas come from?

-> Event in English at Le Sonart, 55 Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, PARIS 75009


The invisible universe

Your pint of beer is constantly traversed by myriads of invisible ghostly particles. They are coming from the upper atmosphere, the Sun's core, outer space, or straight from the Big Bang. They easily pass through your body or walls, and scientists build sophisticated instruments to catch at least a handful of them. Drink carefully!

-> Event in English at EP7, 133 Avenue de France, PARIS 75013


pints of science 2019

In France and also in 23 other countries (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Brazil, South Africa...), 120,000 science’s fans wait to attend in thousands of events during May 20-22 2019.

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