Science blogs, avian flu, Foucault's pendulum, stem cell patents and KKD Episode 7

[April 15-19, 2013] The editors’ note about your science week

It was a week of great scientific diversity at MyScienceNews! See what we mean, from blogs and birds to pendulums and patents...


It was week of great scientific diversity at MyScienceNews! See what we mean, from blogs and birds to pendulums and patents...



If you are a PhD student, MyScienceWork can give you two very good reasons to review the articles published this week on MyScienceNews. First, you can read our study on scientific blogs, which will teach you how to manage both a PhD and a blog in a reasonable amount of time. Give visibility to your work, gain some general culture and new points of view, and escape the isolation… Scientific blogging is your trump card for your scientific career: Why not give it a try?

Science Blogs and Your PhD


Second, you can watch this week’s episode of the web series Knock Knock Doc, subtitled in English. The young and clumsy journalist Arthur meets with Stéphanie Longet, a PhD student in immunology, and he’ll learn that a PhD can be enjoyed just like any true passion.

Knock Knock Doc – Episode 07 # Season 1: passion cocktail



Speaking of Knock Knock Doc, MyScienceWork happily invites you on Wednesday evening to our special event for this series, to share ideas on the theme of art and science, and to celebrate the upcoming second season.

Wednesday, April 24, at 18h30 in the cinémathèque of the University Panthéon Sorbonne Nouvelle
13 rue de Santeuil
75005 Paris


You have probably already read in the news that, since the beginning of April, China has been affected by a severe outbreak of avian flu. In some cases of epidemic, the most serious problem seems to be that people do not actually know anything about the disease and its symptoms. This article builds upon the results of a sociological survey conducted in 2007 in Bangladesh. It is vital to raise awareness about avian flu, especially in rural areas. We decided to address this issue in:

A Survey of Avian Flu




Next is an article dedicated to Foucault’s pendulum, proof that Earth turns on its axis, presented in a subtle and elegant way at the Centre national des arts et métiers in Paris. This review takes you back to the struggle between church and science, explaining just how Foucault managed to demonstrate what is now universally evident.

Foucault’s Pendulum: Between Two Extremes


Finally, a very different struggle recently witnessed another chapter in its saga: the question of patenting stem cell research techniques. Involving moral questions concerning the protection of human embryos, the decision on April 11th by the Court of Justice of the European Union could have far-reaching impacts for this field of research. Learn more about the history of this case and the possible implications in our article:

Patenting Stem Cell Science



We hope you enjoy the wide array of subjects covered this week. Have an equally varied and interesting weekend!


The MyScienceWork team