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Focus for the month: Rugby and Science

We try everyday to connect science to external topics. Today, let's talk about rugby! While fierce rugbymen face each other in Japan during the rugby Worldcup, let's have a look to the most influent publications merging rugby and science. Take a look!

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 Know yourself

When it comes to professional players, nothing is left to chance. A Romanian laboratory ran a study on a team, analyzing the body composition of each member, from muscle density to bones mineral composition. Every parameter that could be influenced by training, sleeping, or eating was gathered and captured to the other. The outcome is quite revealing: "the number of injuries is directly correlated to high levels of body fat percentage, low lean mass, and edema scores" 

Injury frequency and body composition of elite Romanian rugby players

Source: De Gruyter Open

No body part should be left behind

Both body resistance and peak velocity need to be trained in order to ensure a great endurance. Those aspect should be part of the training routine from early age to first grade level, as the body changes through youth. This path allow rugby player to cross their limits without the risk of hurting themselves

Influence of Playing Standard on Upper- and Lower-Body Strength, Power, and Velocity Characteristics of Elite Rugby League Players

Source: MDPI 

Touch Rugby: Safe for everyone?

Touch rugby is a popular practice within young rugby enthusiasts for it's fewer contacts. It looks less dangerous, and was supposed to actually be safer. A recent study showed that, even if the amount of injuries is lower than regular rugby, a noticeable part of the female population within players develop more musculoskeletal injuries than males.

Is the game of touch rugby safe for female adolescents?

Source: African Journals Online


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