Projects for 2020

As we wrap up another decade and say hello to a whole new one, here is a peek into what is in line for 2020.

January 7th - 10th  Consumer Technology Association held in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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Mind control is no longer futuristic fiction.

NextMind is anticipating the launch of their pioneering device that offers a groundbreaking new way of interacting with VR and AR environments. With AI based algorithms, artificial neural networks can now translate organic neural activity to digital commands making its users have their brain directly connected to the digital world, bypassing physical body and creating a fully immersive experience.

Whether it is an advanced never-before symbiotic gaming experience for gamers, to helping physically challenged individuals to influence their surroundings or for scientists to navigate around high risk volatile environments (germ manipulation, corrosive liquids), the potential NextMind holds is limitless. 



Our participation at Virtuality Paris last November had us surrounded with VR headsets and industry experts. When it comes to VR and XR, while the virtual world is visible, there exists limitations on stimulating other senses. bHaptics bypasses this constraint with the development of a full bodysuit which aims to generate touch sensations. Linked to a VR headset, the user can now immerse in a fantastic world that is only literally speaking, a touch away.


Clean Box

Next in line of things to look out for is Clean Box.

This lab tested smart tech hygiene solution kills 99.99+% of bacteria, virus and fungi in under one minute and can treat any number of hardware, eliminating the need for heat or toxins in the decontamination process of the equipment. Using alcohol wipes to clean VR headsets being passed from hand to hand during exhibitions and gatherings is a thing of the past. Clean Box is an eco friendly alternative to making sure the users have a hygiene experience without compromising the environment with the application of UV light technology. 

Read more on  how UV light can be used as means of dry-cleaning here.



This European maritime project aims to create a network of information between all the stakeholders involved in long-distance sea travels across European countries. Sharing the information between seven sectors (transport, environmental protection, fisheries control, border control, general law enforcement, customs and defence) will result in quicker responding to emergency situations. Information shared will be about sea bed conditions, other boats, pirates, danger zones and weather issues. Currently in Pre-Operational Validation (POV) the EUCISE2020 project is planned for launch within the year. 

Mars 2020

Bringing us to the greatest ventures of all times; Mars.

Mars 2020 is a Martian exploration scheduled for July 2020. The red planet will welcome a new rover that aims to discover signs of habitable conditions on Mars in the ancient past and for signs of past microbial life itself.. The Jezero crater will be the primary grounds of exploration, is believed to be a previous sea bed, and the delta of two rivers. 

Will Mars be truly habitable anytime soon? Here is our take on the subject!

Moon 2020

The Multimodal Optical Diagnosis of Ocular and Neurodegenerative Disease is one of Horizon2020’s medical projects and aims to treat and diagnose ocular diseases and degenerative illness related to the eyes and optic nerves. By developing a platform that crosses the strength of complementary modalities such as Optical Coherence Tomography, Fluorescence Imaging, and Raman Spectroscopy, the researchers associated with MOON aims to reduce the amount of optical diseases drastically in the following years.