Polaris OS as an Information System for Rare Disease Research Projects - Case Study

Over the past few years, we have been collaborating with a major French health research institution on a research information system project, and we have recently achieved a significant milestone.

This article is also available in French↖️

We have successfully implemented Polaris OS to assist them in automating the collection, annotation, and curation of research projects related to rare diseases. With the integration of our AI module, Sirius, we have drastically reduced the time required for analysis for researchers working on rare diseases, from months to seconds. 

➡️Our team prepared a case study that can be downloaded here in French and English

This French health research organization, working on rare disease research projects and member of an international consortium was willing to implement a platform and tools capable of collecting, automatically annotating, and curating data of rare disease research projects funded by the members of this international consortium.

The objective of the platform is to provide members of this consortium with a global view of all the research projects on rare diseases that they finance, accompanied by a precise analysis, thus saving them significant time.

Technically, with Polaris OS this institution can now:

  • Index content from various sources using multiple available APIs, a bulk import module, and a manual entry form 
  • Configure: 
  1. A customized metadata model
  2. Curation content workflows and forms to ensure high quality content of metadata
  • Embed AI-based web services, such as a translation tool. 
  • Automate the identification and classification of rare disease research projects using AI modules.
  • Interoperate data exchanges with the existing research information system.
  • Display an analytical dashboard based on the collected data.


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