*Photo Contest* When a Virus’s Hands are Tied, Infection May Be Blocked

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“I would like viruses to be as big as the one in the photo—it would make our job easier!”
– Lorenzo Albertazzi


When a Virus’s Hands are Tied, Infection May Be Blocked

Viruses have the maddening ability to mutate, change, and become resistant to the important treatments scientists work hard to develop. This can lead to widespread disease. Dr. Lorenzo Albertazzi’s team is trying to outsmart them by creating resistance-free therapies. These are based on minuscule new materials – nanofibers – that can wrap around a virus, like yarn around an object. Together, they should be able to block the virus from infecting and, thus, the disease from spreading.



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Dr. Lorenzo Albertazzi’s Research Project:

Novel approaches for Pandemic Virus Targeting Using Adaptive Polymers

Find him on Twitter at @Fluo_renzo.


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