*Photo Contest* “It Takes a Village”…to Build Resilience

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"The photo reveals how we used promenade theatre to expose the different stages of grief as a core emotion experienced as a result of loss – of property, personal possessions, security, safety, identity and trust."
—Katrina Brown

Photo Credit: Toby Lowe

“It Takes a Village”…to Build Resilience

The downstream effects of climate change will be complex and wide-ranging, especially where they interact with other risks and stressors faced by the world’s poor. Working with coastal communities in Kenya and in England, Prof. Katrina Brown uses participatory drama to explore different perspectives on and interpretations of the impacts of extreme weather events. Building resilience is a collective process and her approach of group discovery promises to yield innovative and sustainable strategies, for individuals and their communities.


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Prof. Katrina Brown’s Research Project:

AXA Outlook "You, Me and Our Resilience: Cross-cultural Insights on Resilience, Poverty and Climate Change”

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