*Photo Contest* Mosquitoes and Pandemics: How Does Insecticide Resistance Affect Virus Transmission?

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“I want to know how mosquitoes on different “teams”, responding to insecticides, transmit different viruses. Are they still able to play the game?”
– Célestine Atyame Nten

Mosquitoes and Pandemics: How Does Insecticide Resistance Affect Virus Transmission? 

Certain pandemic diseases, like dengue, chikungunya and West Nile virus, are spreading to new regions of the globe. The best way to protect people is to control the mosquitoes that transmit these viruses. As insecticides are used massively, wild mosquito populations become resistant to insecticides Dr. Célestine Atyame Nten is investigating the impact of insecticide resistance on the capacity of mosquitoes to transmit pathogens, in order to improve monitoring and risk evaluation related to mosquito-borne diseases.



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Dr. Célestine Atyame Nten’s Research Project:

Effects of Interactions Between Insecticide Resistance Genes and the Bacteria Wolbachia in the Transmission of Pathogens By Mosquito Vectors

Hear her explain her own research in an accessible way, at the AXA Research Fund 2015 Pop Days:

Célestine Atyame Nten - Effects of insecticide resistance genes


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