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“If only a magnifying glass were all we needed to see the details of the tornado threat to Europe!”
– Bogdan Antonescu


Keeping an Eye on European Tornadoes

European tornadoes are an often overlooked, but potentially very costly extreme weather event. Using both historical data and new information from the European Severe Weather Database, Dr. Bogdan Antonescu hopes to improve understanding of this risk and increase collaboration across countries to develop forecasting and warning systems, as well as preparedness and response programs. Increasing awareness among scientists and the public will keep Europe’s dense population safer from an estimated 400 tornadoes per year.



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Dr. Bogdan Antonescu’s Research Project:

Assessing the threat of severe convective storms across Europe

For more about this work:

Too many tornadoes in Europe?

- Hear Bogdan present his own work in an accessible way at the AXA Pop Days 2014.

- Explore his personal research site, and his recent publication, "Tornadoes in Europe: Synthesis of the Observational Datasets".

- Find him on Twitter at @bogdanantonescu

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