*Photo Contest* Cycle of Life: People and Climate Change

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“It was only a matter of time until riverbank erosion made this picture history…"
– Cosmin Corendea

Cycle of Life: People and Climate Change

The photo was taken in Singpur, Bangladesh, and represents the past (the waters already covering large parts of the land), present (the living tree, the boat and the high waters), and the future (the child to be affected by climate change). The past, present and future of climate change and the people most vulnerable to its effects are all interconnected. The world in general has contributed to damaging the environment and, even if we now work tirelessly to limit further harm, the next generations will still have a high price to pay. Based on the rule of law and its positive influence to regulate society’s values, Dr. Cosmin Corendea is developing new, hybrid legal approaches that will simultaneously address environmental degradation and the needs of the people most at risk in affected communities.


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Dr. Cosmin Corendea’s Research Project:

Hybrid Legal Approaches in Climate Change Scenarios

Find him on Twitter at @CosminCorendea

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