*Photo Contest* Cold Water, Hot Summer?

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“That snowman is enjoying himself, but we’ll pay the price next summer!”
– Aurélie Duchez

Cold Water, Hot Summer?

Although the ocean carries 1,000 times more heat than the atmosphere, it is not often discussed concerning climate change and extreme weather events, like heat waves. Dr. Aurélie Duchez found that unusually cold surface temperatures in the North Atlantic preceded not only the severe 2015 European summer, but also the most extreme heat waves in Europe since the 1980s. This suggests that the cold anomaly could be one of the processes driving them. Dr. Duchez is working out this link, aiming for better forecasting of these devastating events.



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Dr. Aurélie Duchez’s Research Project:

Dynamics Of European Extreme Weather: A Climate Model Intercomparison

Find her on Twitter at @AurelieDuchez.


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