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"After a talk, I asked the audio-visual technician to snap photos of me. By the last photo, I had lost my patience...!”
– Bence Mélykúti

Biomedical Tests Get a Leg Up from Maths

When doctors draw blood for important medical tests, in the future they’ll need only the tiniest amount. Thanks to microfluidic technology, 100,000 different analyses could be performed for a single patient on one tiny sample plate. But achieving reliable results in a two-square-centimeter space is hampered by the risk of contamination among adjacent samples. Dr. Bence Mélykúti, who uses maths to help biologists solve problems, is developing a mathematical model to estimate this rate of contamination.


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Dr. Bence Mélykúti’s Research Project:

Hear Bence present his own work in an accessible way at the AXA Pop Days 2015:

Bence Melykuti - Model risk in systems biology

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