*Photo Contest* In the Arctic Deep, Clues to Mercury in the Food Supply

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"I just spent two months in the Arctic Ocean on the icebreaker Polarstern, investigating why Arctic animals are contaminated with mercury."
- Lars-Eric Heimbürger

In the Arctic Deep, Clues to Mercury in the Food Supply

Thousands of kilometers north of anywhere, Dr. Lars-Eric Heimbürger is studying the problem of mercury contamination in Arctic animals. His research is focusing on the microbial transformation of inorganic mercury into its most toxic form, methylmercury, which biomagnifies along the food chain, from water, to plankton, ultimately reaching harmful levels in predatory fish, but also ringed seals, beluga whales and polar bears. As human activities change the climate and mercury emissions, his research will help us understand and anticipate the impact on fish stocks and people's exposure via the food supply.



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Dr. Lars-Eric Heimbürger's Research Project:

Levering Knowledge Gaps To Understand And Anticipate Risk From Methylmercury Exposure

Find him on Twitter at @Lars_Eric_Hg.


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