Open Access Week 2019: We made it, and it was perfect!

Open Access Week is the occasion to share experiences and projects about free access scientific articles and the evolution of the open access movement in general. This year, we gathered around a nice buffet with our guests at Newton Space



MyScienceWork have been involved in open science for 10 years. We offer a free access publication platform, a vulgarization blog, and data-driven solutions for academics and businesses: PolarisOS and Sirius. Overall, we are dedicated to science-involved people, so being part of the Open Access movement was for us an obvious choice!

Opscidia, the diamond open access way: 

Charles, co-creator of Opscidia was here to introduce the platform he developed along with his friend Sylvain. This solution will allow scientists to freely publish data and articles, and will set a peer-reviewing service according the “diamond way” of open access: the author can publish without having to pay, and the reader do not have any fees to access the information. 

Open access? Yes of course Sir, but how, and for Whom?

Open access is nowadays inevitable. Whether you access information the legal way or not, if you need an information, you can have it for free. The question that comes next is: how can this access can be democratized and completely legal, and who should have it?

People from all kind of research field were here for the Open Access Week and it kind of answer the previous question. The more important is the variety of people that benefit from it, the more efficient is the Open Access. We were glad to see that it attracts not only professional researchers, but also translators, amateurs, and students.