Open Access: Unlocking the scientific knowledge

Further to disruptive events happening within industries, like changes in the regulatory framework or new communication technologies which can impact consumer behaviour and create new needs, some traditional business models have been profoundly transformed. It is the case for a dozen years in the world of scientific publishing that is experiencing a real revolution.


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In the traditional system, publishers got most of the cash streams, being paid by authors to publish their articles and by readers (university libraries, researchers, etc.) to get access to these publications.
Open access literature is digital, online, mostly free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. With Open Access system, aims at mitigating the cash leakage by bringing the scientific knowledge directly from authors to readers.

Drivers of the change:

  • Adoption of Open Access by the scientific community
  • Quantity and quality of publications – >50% of global research (forecasts of representing 100% in 5 years time)
  • Increased visibility – Open Access is read and cited 30 times more than when it appears in a paid journal
  • 53% of all European universities already have repositories
  • Political endorsement – governments encouraging transparency and easier access to scientific knowledge, generally funded with subsides

The frontrunner in the Open Access movement
The creation of MyScienceWork is the result of those observations. People gather on a unique platform to collaborate, share and communicate. The general public is also more sensitive and eager to learn. Everyone can develop an ability to understand science, its concepts and even become an expert. Science has become more and more open and transparent.

And at the same time, a publisher friendly copyright compliance
As opposed to certain scientific social networks, currently in the midst of a turmoil facing the publishers, MyScienceWork concentrates on one major idea: quality and copyright compliance. The high quality of its scientific content, its management of copyrights and embargo dates. MyScienceWork considers the management of the database of licenses a priority. The Open Access articles are highlighted but simultaneously a very strict plan has been set up to ensure the rights of the paid articles. In direct partnership with the publishers, MyScienceWork guarantees that the articles published on the website are up to date and in compliance with the law.

Happy New Year 2018!

CEO & Co-founder
Virginie Simon

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