Open Access Publishing Models -

Reimagining tomorrow


On 29th March MyScienceWork organized a webinar to take stock of the new Open Access models and explore possibilities of new ones that could come into play in the near future. The webinar focused on the evolution of Open Access business models, discussed current alternatives to Gold & Green OA Models, questioned whether the emergence of new OA Models can bring about new ways of publishing articles and explored publisher investment and spending on new OA models in the future. This post provides a recap of the webinar, particularly the conversation among Heather Staines, PhD (Senior Consultant at Delta Think), Maridath A. Wilson (Head of Scholarly Resources at Boston University) and Niamh O'Connor, PhD (Chief Publishing Officer at PLoS). 


What’s great about changing times is that it creates this fundamental opportunity to sit back, re-group and re-evaluate. Stakeholders get the opportunity to rethink policies, systems and strategies. On that front, the webinar was designed to explore: 


  1. Current alternatives to Gold & Green OA Models? 
  2. If new OA Models can emerge with new ways of publishing articles? 
  3. How publishers plan to invest in new OA models in the future?

Here is a recap of that conversation.