[Open Access Interview] Christine Ollendorff: “Opening science to citizens is one of the main goals of open access.”

Why get involved in open access? Here is one response, from three points of view: librarian, researcher and mother

The library director at the engineering school Arts et Métiers ParisTech and manager of the open archive SAM explains her involvement in open access from three points of view: that of a librarian, a researcher, and a mother.

Cet article existe également en français :  [Open Access Interview] Christine Ollendorff : La science ouverte aux citoyens est l'un des buts premiers de l'Open Access"

Some think that giving ordinary people access to scientific publications can be dangerous, because research is too complex and prone to misinterpretation. But ask the parents of a child with a serious illness if they aren’t capable of learning to understand a scientific article. Christine Ollendorff (@collend) knows well the motivation behind that effort, as well as the terrible feeling of frustration when a paywall limits access to the latest research concerning a disease.

During Open Access Week 2013, the director of the university library of Arts et Métiers ParisTech and manager of the open archive SAM gave us three reasons for her involvement in the Open Access movement - as a mother, a citizen and a researcher.

Chrisine Ollendorf presented during the second evening of Open Access Week 2013 in Paris. The event took place in the premises of the EHESS and focused on Open Access for Research.