Open Access for Coronavirus research

Better late than never.

The research world is putting a united front to battle the current public health crisis, the novel Coronavirus 2019. Within days, Australia recreated the virus for the first time outside China and samples were distributed to laboratories around the world, significantly increasing the chances of a vaccination, since time is of the essence.


Facilitating this are big publishers, including names of Elsevier, Springer Nature, and Wiley, who have removed paywalls to recent studies related to the new coronavirus. In an email statement, Elsevier Director of Communications Chris Capot said that the publisher will arrange open access to over 2400 research articles on multiple strains of the coronavirus that is otherwise accessible through a paid subscription. 

And just prior to this announcement, a group of online archivists took matters to their hands when they created an open-access directory comprising of over 5200 papers on coronaviruses. While some raise questions about the legitimacy of the extraction process of these papers, others counter with the “it’s a moral imperative” argument.

Despite this remarkable progress and unity in battling Coronavirus, it is hard to ignore the sense of déjà-vu one gets looking back at 2015 when the amount of critical Ebola research was either unknown or inaccessible to scientists and health workers at the center of the 2014 epidemic. “Even today, downloading one of the papers would cost a physician $45, about half a week’s salary here,” lamented a Liberian public health official in his ‘Yes, We Were Warned About Ebola’ article in the New York Times.

Access over 16000 research publications on the Coronavirus on the MyScienceWork Platform here.




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