Introducing DeepDyve: A new, affordable way to access research on MyScienceWork!

We’ve partnered with our fellow Silicon Valley company to give you low-cost access to a catalogue of 12M scientific articles.

Image: Virginie Simon, CEO of MyScienceWork, with William Park, DeepDyve's CEO

Starting today, next to many articles on MyScienceWork, you’ll notice a new blue button that perfectly complements the MSW purple... That logo belongs to DeepDyve, our valuable, new partners in reinventing how science is disseminated.

With an affordable, innovative DeepDyve rental subscription, MSW users gain access to their database of 12 million articles from all major scholarly publishers. You can rent and read full-text papers unavailable in open access, directly in your browser and, now, seamlessly from your MyScienceWork search.


This is welcome news for everyone who has ever encountered a paywall. We’re excited, too! As CEO Virginie Simon says, “We’re very happy to introduce DeepDyve’s article rental service for millions of publications. The ability to access them via the MyScienceWork platform will make all of these articles easily accessible for corporates and individuals not affiliated with an academic library.”


DeepDyve’s publications come from 10,000 peer-reviewed journals. Their innovative model gives you instant access when you subscribe for just $40/month or $360/year. For that low price, a vast repository of normally costly journal articles opens to you, straight from the MyScienceWork platform.


Virginie SImon, CEO of MyScienceWork, with DeepDyve CEO, William Park

DeepDyve CEO William Park explains more: “The publications in our database come from thousands of leading scholarly journals from Elsevier, Springer-Nature, Oxford University Press, Wiley-Blackwell and more. Since 78% of our visitors come from small to mid-sized enterprises (SME’s), DeepDyve is an essential resource for these scientists, engineers, and information professionals.”

Of course, when you use MyScienceWork you’ll continue to be able to search though millions of open access articles and publisher abstracts. Through this partnership, DeepDyve rental buttons will now appear on MyScienceWork alongside non-OA articles, allowing you smooth access to DeepDyve’s database of publications.

We know that many of our users have very limited access to academic libraries that can afford subscriptions to every important journal. “Many scientists and non-scientists already use our platforms daily to search for research knowledge,” Virginie says. “This partnership enhances their access to research.”