MyScienceWork's dreamteam : sharing from our Business Development Manager, Carolina Sanchez

As a Business development manager, what is it like to work in a startup? Catch-up with Carolina Sanchez. She will share today her daily job and passions!

MyScienceWork: You've been with us for two month. How's it going?

Carolina Sanchez: I really love the company’s project and how it has been created. The idea of democratising science is very rewarding because you know you are somehow working for the good of society. When I go to work I know that I’m going to contact people to show them an IT solution that will help them improve scientific research. Beside, the working atmosphere is extremely comfortable. We work all together in the open space and it allows all departments to interact in a very easy way. We talk about everything and it makes MSW a confident and relaxed workplace.


MSW: Could you introduce yourself in some words? 

CS: I am a very creative and open-minded person. I am fond of traveling and discovering new countries and cultures. It gives me a new perspective of the world.  I am from Spain but I am close to my friends and family thanks to new technologies.  I am curious and eager to learn new things every day.


MSW: What background do you carry with you?

CS: Most of all, I could say that I have an international background. I have studied Law and Political Sciences in my hometown, Valencia, in Spain. I went on erasmus in Bordeaux, in France. After graduating, I worked as a paralegal within an international law firm. Following that experience, I decided to join ICEX-CECO Business School in Madrid to complete my studies with a MBA in International Management. After having my diploma, I worked as an International Trade Consultant at the Spanish Embassy of Morocco. Then, I joined a high tech company in Mexico City as a Business Development Manager. Finally, I decided to come back to Europe by joining MyScienceWork’s team to bring my international commercial experience in developing business. 


MSW: Can you tell us about your daily routine? Do you have busy days?

CS: I haven’t had busy days yet because I have just started to schedule meetings with potential customers and I am yet to bid in a public tender. Anyway, I try to be well organised by productively managing my time. In my daily routine I seek new business opportunities and schedule meetings to present our unique expertise. I attend numerous seminars, workshops and conferences. By doing so, I am constantly enlarging my network. I prepare presentations and oversee the development of marketing literature. I work closely with the Managing Director in defining the commercial strategy (price, products, target market).


MSW: What part of your job do you love the most?

CS: Implementing the company’s strategy is very enjoyable to me. As a Business Development Manager, it is very pleasant to see how my decisions can directly impact the company’s performance. I also love to be in contact with customers, participating in the meetings and understanding their needs. It can be tricky since we offer tailored made solutions.

MSW: What feedback do you have from potential buyers of Polaris OS? 

CS: People show a real interest in our product Polaris OS.  When I contact them, I perform a detailed analysis which I use during the very first call. It may take time but is very useful because it allows me to go straight to the point. It also make a difference since the person you are talking to fully appreciates your valuable understanding.


MSW: Have you travelled before? Do you have to travel for MSW? 

CS: Traveling has always been my passion! I have already lived and worked in four countries for more than a year. Other than that, I can affirm that I travel whenever the occasion arises! I often have to travel for MSW. For the moment, we are focused on Europe and USA but our actual target market is the whole world.


MSW: Do you have some favorites websites/blogs that you check daily? What do you like doing in your free time? 

CS: Daily press to be informed of what is happening in the world, social media to get my mind off and, of course, the scientific blog Omniscience which keeps me posted about the company’s news. About my free time, my real hobby since I was a child have always been painting. Unfortunately, I do not practise it very often but I am always doodling any paper which falls into my hands. I also love reading books and I have recently found a new passion: yoga. I may have started recently but I try to go more than 3 times a week.


MSW: Do you have any advice for people starting their career in the same field you’re working on?

CS: To be patient. Sales process can be very slow. That’s why maintaining a strong networking by keeping in contact is really important. The decision making process about requiring our services will be taken sooner or later. I can say that it is a long sales cycle with several milestones to be reached. We have to be patient and remain committed because we will be required to help them at any time.