MyScienceWork’s dream team: Sharing from our Full stack developer Louis-Marie SOULARD

Working at a technology start-up, how's it going from the point of view of a full stack developer? What are some pieces of advice for beginners to get the same job? Let's catch up with Louis-Marie and hear from him. He is a young talented full stack developer joining our team for 9 months. He will share today about his background, how's his personal and professional life as a technophile and for who dream of the same career, let's save his recommendations!

You've been with us for 9 months. How's it going?

In the R&D team, I feel well integrated. In the actual context where nothing stops changing, a lot of work wait to be done every day. But fortunately, in MyScienceWork we have a good communication among the team, we’re using the latest software and always stay updated. All mission in charge is interesting to me and I’m quite comfortable working here.

I am engineer specialized in embedded software. I studied in ESEO, an engineering school in Angers. My first job in a startup in heating domain. While searching a small company with a great potentiality and a job really challenging regarding to my past experience, I found this interesting offer from MyScienceWork with a technical test allowing me to overcome my limitations. I knew it was the best company to me, and now I know I did not make a mistake.

What is a typical day at work in your office?

There is no typical day. Usually I work on new features of PolarisOS or client support or meetings. Sometimes I work on our website or other projects. Actually, I have to be polyvalent because in a small company, we do everything! Most of the time I work from home, but once a month, I go to Paris visit my colleagues and that’s time for team working.

What do you like the most when you work at MSW?

What I love is the autonomy. I can take initiatives to develop projects and work on it when I want. I can organize my schedule as I wish. I love working remotely because I need concentration to be efficient and once or twice a month I go to Paris to see my colleagues in person! It is a perfect balance to me.

So now tell us more about you, what do you like doing in your free time? What is your passion ?

I am really curious about new technology in general and I enjoy my free time building some personal project in embedded electronics. I am also benevolent at the Puy du Fou in the night show Cinéscénie as actor and as technician with drones. As sport, I love running.

Do you have some favorites websites/blogs that you check daily?

The best website I can recommend to developers is – where we can get a large vision of technology, read a lot of successful case studies, and save their tips or technology point of views. Besides, I use daily github, stackoverflow, npm.

Last but not least, do you have any pieces of advice for who wants to work as Full Stack Developer?

Be curious, Autonomous and pro-active! Do no give up for high technical issue or be frustrated by bugs: there is always a solution.

Do not wait when you have a good idea: think, write on a paper the algorithm or architecture and code it now!