MyScienceWork’s dream team: Sharing from our Data Scientist Ameur DOUIB

Working at a technology start-up, how's it going from the point of view of a data scientist? Let's catch up with Ameur DOUIB and hear from him. He will share today about his background, how's his personal and professional life!

You've been with us for 4 months. How's it going?

I have been in the team for almost 4 months and I feel great, in a nice setting and in a friendly team with a pleasant atmosphere.

Could you share with us your background and how you came to MSW?

My background is in computer science, particularly in artificial intelligence. I have a doctor degree in Computer Science, specializing in NLP applied to machine translation (University of Nancy) and also two master degrees in AI in Algeria and France.
After 4 years doing doctoral thesis, I wanted to orient my career towards the business world and put into practice my NLP knowledge as part of a business project. My goals and MSW’s offer is perfectly matched.

What is a typical day at work in your office?

A day of work begins with meeting the team members and asking for their news, a nice morning coffee to chat with other people about the workspace. Then I spend my time programming and finding solutions to the demands of MSW and our customers, until lunch with the team members, afternoon return to work.

What do you like the most when you work at MSW?

Most of all, I love my projects and its challenges, which perfectly fit to what I envisioned when integrating MSW. Besides, working atmosphere in the office is really cool. All discussions between us often end in laugher.

So now tell us more about you, what do you like doing in your free time? What is your passion?

I do not like the expression "free time" because everything I do during my day, I do it with pleasure and passion. But aside from my MSW activities, I spend the majority of my time with my family and friends chatting and having fun. I am passionate about sports too, especially football, bike and fitness.

Do you have some favorites websites/blogs that you check daily?

By and large I frequently consult websites and Twitter accounts of politics and sport related to news in Algeria, France, and worldwide.