MyScienceWork’s dream team: Sharing from our Community Manager Antoine Gavignaud

When Scientific studies meet communication work! Let's catch up with Antoine Gavignaud and hear from him. He will share today about his background, how's his personal and professional life.


MyScienceWork: Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

Antoine GAVIGNAUD: My name is Antoine, I am 24 years old, and I am following a biotechnological cursus in Sup’Biotech, an engineer school. I am particularly interested in the prosthetics field, in which I plan to work after my studies. I started a group project about it three years ago, named Sensilimb. We aim to create a synthetic skin able to give touch and warmth sensation to someone with a prosthesis. A month ago I started as community manager in MyScienceWork, as an intern.


MSW: What inspired you to candidate at MyScienceWork?

AG: Being a engineer student means having to compulse articles on a daily basis. And it goes on more and more with the years. Many times I have been confronted to the issue of having to pay for scientific result. Money do not grows on trees, especially for scientists. Being able to work along with people concerned by this issue and do something about it is an opportunity I could not let pass. Beside, in my school vulgarization is not that much represented. While we are between researchers from the same field, we can use specific vocabulary, concepts, without the fear of the interlocutor not understanding. But when it comes to explain our research field to a business manager, or a human resources advocate, vulgarization is needed. Therefore I thought that an experience within the vulgarization world could only be benefic.


MSW: What’s a typical day at work ? 

AG: At first: the morning coffee. I cannot go anywhere without it! Then, my first task is to  do some technological and scientific watch. I must prepare our visibility on social medias, so the articles I relay must be interesting for our followers. Their predilection domains are data science, machine learning, or global climate issues.  This take me more or less two hours, depending on the newsletters I receive or the number of posts I have to do. Next step : the projects, events, or articles. I may not be a journalist, but I sometimes write editorials and articles for a specific topic (this is where my scientific background comes in handy!) such as Open Access. Whether it is articles, or event to prepare, it takes some time: it needs some research for the subject or the audience. At the end of the day, daily content is scheduled, and the day after is planned. 


MSW: Did you have any experience in communication before MyScienceWork ? 

AG: I do not have any experience (professionally speaking) in communication. For sure I needed an adaptation period to get into this world that is so different from mine. Working on social media is brand new for me, and apparently it isn’t composed exclusively of kitten videos. 


MSW: Now talk a bit about yourself! What do you like to do on your free time?

AG: Beside MSW, I enjoy drawing, reading and listening to music. My last concert was Years&Years, in DisneyLand Paris and it was beyond magical! I also take some of my time to develop my project Sensilimb. Even if it could be considered « work », I do enjoy it as any hobby.