MyScienceWork in the Top 100 Startups in Which to Invest for Challenges Magazine

French business magazine Challenges selected us as one of the 30 international startups in which to invest

Last week, we had the great pleasure to discover we had been selected by French business magazine Challenges to be featured in the special issue 100 Startups in Which to Invest (100 start-up où investir), and more specifically among the 30 international startups in which to invest.

For the lucky few who can get hold of the magazine, you'll find us on page 69 :


The small company created by two French academics, Virginie Simon and Tristan Davaille, offers an original solution for open science. Their platform disrupts the world of academic publishing: it opens access to a huge database of scientific publications in every languages. Its business model is based on services offered to publishers and scientific institutions.