MyScienceWeek: Curry Carnage

The Friday confessional of MyScienceWork’s news team: August 25-29, 2014

One big accomplishment on our team today, one farewell, a couple of videos and several interesting articles on different facets of open science...but the question remains: What could have caused such carnage?!

What could have happened at MyScienceWork to cause such carnage??

MyScienceWork's curry carnage

Well, our dear community manager is now the proud owner of a shiny, new Master’s degree in translation and intercultural communication! Consuming an entire Indian restaurant was the only way we knew to celebrate. Congrats, Audrey!!

Turning to less joyous news, we’re now crying softly at our desks, as our colleague Fräntz Miccoli is leaving us today. His many talents will be missed at MyScienceWork and we wish him all the best in his new projects and adventures!

In #MSWnews…

This week, we enjoyed browsing the Social Sciences Impact Blog of the London School of Economics and Political Science, with its wealth of interesting topics. All of their work being published under a Creative Commons CC-BY license (unless otherwise indicated), we were able to share with you a post by a researcher in collaborative and social computing, explaining the results of an interesting survey:

Academic opinions of Wikipedia and open access will improve with more active involvement


Last year, at Open Access Week 2013 in Paris, Agnès Henri, editorial director for the scholarly publishing house EDP Sciences, spoke to us about the role of the scientific publisher today. This week, we released the English version of her interview.

[Open Access Interviews] Agnès Henri – EDP Sciences


On another open subject, regarding data this time: our article “Open Data: Political Illusion?” caught the attention of the French government’s “Mr. Data”, Henri Verdier. Read his response to our interview with sociologist Evelyn Ruppert – in French, here, but coming soon in English!


Does all of this talk of data and studies and surveys and degrees make you want to get back into the academic world?? Arthur does! He made a big decision this week, in the inter-season episode of Knock Knock Doc.

Knock Knock Doc - Inter-season Episode: Takeoff