On The Moon Again

In July 1969, with family or friends, you were around a radio or a rare TV, 600 million people, on all continents, followed the first step of a man on the moon. 50 years later, we have the urge to experience this enthusiasm for the Moon in a global, universal movement that transcends all borders.

How? Nothing's easier. We want everyone, young or older, to discover at a world event the Moon through a telescope or an astronomical telescope. Surprise passers by offering them this unexpected sight. You have an instrument of observation, install it at the corner of a street, at the edge of a river, on the place of a village ... Join the event On the Moon Again on July 12 and 13, 2019 and invite passersby to observe the moon and share the wonder.

Where and when to observe ?

Where there is the most passage! Going to an observatory or an animation structure asks visitors to anticipate and organize themselves. We often only touch an informed public. It is therefore important to reach as many people as possible to settle where the waterfront passes. No need to have a dark place without a lamp to observe the moon. The best places turn out to be a city center, the edge of a river, in front of a tourist monument, a café or a restaurant. If you live in a small village or in a non-touristy place, do not hesitate to take out your instrument in front of your house and tell your neighbors and on the social networks to join you to observe! Of course you can open your observatory but the best is finally to get the air to your instruments and bring them Where the public goes through.

On the Moon Again will take place on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th July 2019, a week before the 50th anniversary of Man's first step on the moon. For most earthlings, this period is summer and the good weather should be in the game. These two dates were chosen because the Moon is gibbous increasing thus allowing a high quality observation of several hours just after the sunset.


on the moon again

With which instrument to observe?

The good thing is that the Moon is clearly visible with any instrument, from the pair of binoculars, to the telescope of 20-30 cm diameter through the small telescope of 60mm diameter or the famous telescope of 115 mm diameter. Your instrument has not seen the night and taken the air for a long time? You just have to dust it and put it back on the ground. Obviously, the small easily carrying instrument are much more practical. If you have a non-motorized instrument, no problem! You will only have to put a low magnification (30-40x).


on the moon again

Want to participate?

“On the Moon Again” wants to be a catalyst for observers. Thousands of telescopes will be released on July 12 and 13, 2019. From June 2019, a map of all observers per city will be available on this site. We are counting on you to communicate about your presence, to encourage your friends to join us. Do not hesitate to talk to the local press but also to share your point of observation on social networks.

In order to share our experiences during these two days, only one hashtag #onthemoonagain