MIT Hacking Medicine: Paris Grand Hack 2019

After several events around the entrepreneurship of researchers, Les Cartésiens, in partnership with MIT Hacking Medicine and AMPS, have planned to bring together people with diverse profiles to reinvent health by hosting them for a whole weekend on the Epitech Paris campus (Porte d'Italie). Researchers, doctors, engineers, designers, business developers and patients will be present from June 21 to 23 at the MIT PARIS GRAND HACK to brainstorm on the issues they have identified.

This year, three themes were chosen to guide participants in the ideation process. First of all, "Mental health" has become a particularly worrying issue given the pressures on health professionals. This theme is a wide range because it covers psychiatric disorders up to well-being at work.  Then, "Cancer" with nearly 150,000 deaths each year in France, this disease will be addressed from all these angles. From biology to patient empowerment, participants will be able to work on this theme to bring out new ways of approaching the symptoms of patients suffering from it. The third theme is "Citizen Health", because we need affordable and accessible solutions that will scale and improve the health of people and their communities. This theme includes improving access to health care in remote areas or the little things we do every day to ensure our health.

With more than 250 registrants, 50 mentors present to help the teams and a jury of more than 15 judges to award the prizes, the MIT PARIS GRAND HACK is an international event for scientific innovation. 

About the organizers :
Les Cartésiens, Docteurs et Doctorants de Paris is an association founded in 2011 to create a network between researchers in the Paris region. With numerous events around the pursuit of researchers' careers and the mediation of their scientific work, Les Cartésiens has become a player in the DeepTech ecosystem.

The MIT Hacking Medicine aims to infect, energize, and empower a diverse, global community in healthcare entrepreneurship and innovation to scale medicine to attack and solve healthcare problems.  The MIT Grand Hack is our flagship event to encourage healthcare innovation, and we are excited to bring it to a city near you! Applications will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis, so apply to the nearest Grand Hack today! Participants of any background with a passion for healthcare are welcome. 

The aim of the Association Médecine/Pharmacie Sciences (AMPS) is to bring together students of Medicine or Phamacie-Sciences from the different faculties of France, to provide them with support through its network of students and professionals, and to promote interactions between medicine, pharmacy and scientific research.
Interested in helping out? You can partner with us, become a sponsor, or sign up to be a mentor! Email [email protected] for more information!

Contacts : Flavien QUIJOUX, physiotherapist et Neuroscience PhD-student (email : [email protected]), former President of Les Cartésiens, Docteurs et Doctorants de Paris

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