Making Complex Comprehensible

We live in an era in which scientists can send cars in space for fun, where technology can read your thoughts (literally) , and when we know more about the possibility of extraterrestrial life than ever. Our assemblage of knowledge has evolved immensely over human existence, and astonishingly over the past 20 years of technological revolutions. We use this knowledge to make decisions about what to eat for breakfast, how to pick the phone with the best camera, and and even how to help the environment. But in order to do this advantageously, we must understand what and who is behind all this tech and science. The name for this is “science popularization”, and here we take a deeper look at exactly what it takes to effectively teach the public in an understandable way extremely complex and specialized topics.

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What exactly IS science popularization?



Popularizing science is the idea that science is not just for the science elite. Especially now, the public needs to understand what is happening in various feels, because it affects all of use directly. The medicinal industry is vastly evolving from pharmaceuticals to new equipment and technology in cancer treatments. The temperature of the climate has been increasing for years. It is the responsibility of the people to understand what is happening in their world in order to make personal changes in line with how humans are growing. Obviously, not everyone can be an expert in every field, but everyone needs one to teach us the most valuable information of a scientific theory or advancement in a way that we can comprehend and apply to our real lives and those around us. In short, science should be accessible to all not only in the terms that is is attainable, but also in the terms that it is understandable.


Who is popularizing science now?



Believe it or not, “BILL! BILL! BILL!” is not the only popularizer of science out there, though his material is educational for all ages and a great reference for global understanding of natural phenomena. Him, like other scientists, present themselves and science in a fashion easy to understand by the general public. If you’re looking for something more specialized, there is a second level of science popularization designed for those with a background in STEM fields. Resources for both are more accessible than most realize--in mags, Netflix, freely on YouTube, essentially at your fingertips at all times. However, if you’re looking more for a hands-on experience, check out the STEM department of your local university, educational institute, or science museum for activities open for many, if not all, members of the public despite varying levels of science education.


What are some resources where I can learn more about popularized science?

Because popularized science is designed to teach, it is essential to follow reliable, credible resources. In the world of fake news, there can also be fake science. To make it easy for you, here is a compilation of valid resources to give you more information about and examples of popularized science and events where you can experience it for yourself!


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Take a look for yourself. Science is an inevitable and integrate part of each of our lives, and there’s something for everyone to understand what they want. The possibilities are endless!