Looking Back and Moving Forward

[6 - 10 January 2013] The editors’ note about your science week

Looking Back and Moving Forward

One of the most fun parts of beginning a new year is actually looking back over the year just past. Another is the chance to plan new encounters and adventures. Here is our look back at 2013 and some ideas for the coming year. What will your 2014 hold?

One of the most fun parts of beginning a new year is actually all of the opportunities to look back over the year just past. What were the most popular GIFs of 2013? What fell between “twerking” and “Bitcoin” on Google’s Top 10 list of “What is…?” searches? And what, of course, were some of the most significant discoveries in science this year? See if you agree with this list put together by Laurence Bianchini and Guillaume Decerprit:

Building a mini-brain and the discovery of water on exoplanets : The biggest scientific advances of 2013


This time next year, perhaps we’ll be reading about a Top-10-worthy advance coming out of microgenomics. The upcoming international symposium dedicated to the field could be just the boost it needs! On 15 and 16 May, in Paris, 250 scientists are invited to come share their experience and expertise on more and more precise genome analyses, the current methods and future tools. Abstracts are still being accepted until 31 January, so learn more about the event here:

The first Symposium on Microgenomics to be held 15-16 May 2014, in Paris


Even if microgenomics isn’t your thing, perhaps your New’s Year resolution for 2014 is to change the world. There are a million and one ways to do your part, but those with programming skills might be drawn to hacktivism. “The term hacktivism, a portmanteau of hacking and activism, refers to the political action of hackers who suddenly realize how much power their knowledge represents.” Indeed, according to the author of this week’s article, Rodhlann Jornod, “the paths to power are no longer unfathomable”. Find out why in this first article in a fascinating trilogy:

Hacktivism: A New Relationship Between Knowledge and Power


Happy Reading and Happy New Year from the MyScienceWork Team.