Knock Knock Doc - Episode 01 # Season 2

Neither one!

A new year, a new season of Knock Knock Doc: It's the first episode of season 2! Arthur meets Jérémie Moualek, a PhD student in visual sociology who is making a film for his thesis on blank, or protest, votes.

[September 4, 2014] Arthur's adventure continues with Season 2 of Knock Knock Doc! Today, he discovers the field of visual sociology, via Jérémie Moualek's thesis on the phenomenon of the protest vote. Jérémie also reveals his observations and hesitations about the world of research.


A new year, a new season of Knock Knock Doc. The series about PhD students is finally back! A little reminder for the few who may have missed season 1… Arthur, a journalism intern, is carrying out an investigation of the doctoral students of France. Over the course of his interviews, he has become very sensitive to the their story—to the point of wanting to do a dissertation on the subject! He registers for a PhD program and, through his encounters, with objectivity, introspection and a certain dose of humor, he sketches a portrait of those pursuing their doctorate.

Arthur and Jérémie, in the middle of a screening of the latter’s film


Season 2, Episode 1: Neither one!

In this episode, Arthur introduces us to Jérémie Moualek, a PhD student in visual sociology at the University of Evry. For his thesis, he has decided to make a film on the subject of blank, or protest, voting in France. Jérémie also explains how his doctoral studies have allowed him to discover the world of teaching. In the classes he gives part-time at the university, he sees the chance to share and, especially, to refresh his knowledge of the things learned during his own studies. Jérémie’s straightforward manner and his hesitations about the nature of research leave a strong impression on Arthur. And even on his look…

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Knock Knock Doc is a MyScienceWork production, written and directed by Paul Garcia, and featuring Dimitri Pougnet in the role of Arthur. Knock Knock Doc aims to promote doctoral studies, in all their diversity.