To Infinity and Beyond!

False. You can not go beyond the infinity.

To push the boundaries of Earth by exploring space? The human being, the most curious species of the universe, proves again this year that the most distant stars are on his doorstep. We’ve put a foot on the moon again. Well, not quite. This time it’s a satellite on the moon’s hidden side. In short, to infinity and beyond is not just a catchphrase recognized by each and every ‘90s kid, but a reality. Have you seen Interstellar? Those who have will have surely pondered the question “what are we to do should we end up damaging our planet beyond repair?” What’s our plan B? The hope of a better world somewhere in space, perhaps?

MSW is as curious as you, and takes you to Paris Space Week in April to discover the space projects of today that will give us some insight into our lives tomorrow ... Want a 20% off discount ? Here you are !! (#MyScienceWork). 

I selected here our fav' articles on space: take a seat, and have fun !