Friendly Science Video Formats, Designed for the Web: New from MyScienceWork

Research, direct from the lab, in accessible, shareable video form.

Make your research more accessible to collaborators, funders, industry, family & friends with MyScienceWork’s new science video formats.

The MyScienceWork team is very happy to introduce you to our new video formats for research. Explain your work concisely, in your own words, with our Skype video interviews. Share your latest results clearly and visually with an animated video summary.

Our team is dedicated to making research more accessible to everyone and to increasing researchers’ visibility with Polaris, our innovative institutional platforms, and science communication services. Your research deserves to be on YouTube, too, where it will have even more opportunities to be seen by the world. 

Our new science video formats include:

Skype Research Interviews

Learn more about plant-based drug discovery with Dr. Atanas Atanasov:

Animated Research Summaries

Discover research on interfacing electronic biomedical devices with living tissue:

Or see a comparison of leadership traits among CEOs:

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