Farewell Xin Long!

Xin Long, our community manager intern, speaks about her tenure at MyScienceWork

Xin Long, as a part of her education at Neoma Business School, worked as a community manager intern at MyScienceWork from February to August 2023. She did a great job of managing the communications for the company. She brought great energy to the team and everyone at MSW appreciates her determination and work ethics. She played a pivotal role in building an online community for Sirius and PolarisOS, and strengthened the company’s presence on the internet. On her last day at work, we asked her about her experience working at MSW and here is what she had to say.


 1. What were your expectations when you entered MyScienceWork?

I started this internship with an aim to understand how marketing works in the technology and science field. I also wanted to plan and execute my own marketing ideas, gain proficiency in digital marketing tools, and understand the marketing competencies that I need to improve upon. I am happy that MSW gave me the time, space, and opportunity to meet my expectations, work in a multicultural environment, and achieve my internship objectives successfully.


2. Looking back at the last 6 months, how do you feel about your experience working at MSW?

I must admit that it was quite challenging, especially at the beginning. The work environment and the working styles were different from my previous experiences. Fortunately, my manager, Yann, gave me enough time to understand my responsibilities and grow in this position. As I became more familiar with my work, I felt more confident in creating marketing strategies and putting them into practice.


3. What are your main learnings from this internship?

I experienced the entire process of a marketing campaign during my time at MSW. Although I had theoretical knowledge of how a marketing campaign works, I had never planned and executed a complete marketing campaign before joining MSW. As a part of my workflow in MSW, I would propose marketing ideas to my manager, discuss them together, and then put the strategies into practice. I then analyzed the performance of these campaigns and adjusted actions accordingly to align the campaign with my objectives. This workflow helped me understand the amount of detail that we must pay attention to in marketing to make any campaign successful. At MSW, I also had the opportunity to learn about open science and the pivotal role played by research repositories in the growth of universities and research foundations. MSW utilises its expertise to provide the most suitable data management system for different types of research institutions and I am glad to have been a part of such a critical industry through this internship.


4. What are your best memories from your time at MSW?

The time spent with my colleagues is certainly my best memory. During work breaks, we played games, went to restaurants together, and had some great conversations on several topics. I thoroughly enjoyed these moments, and they will stay with me always.


5. How did you find the work environment at MSW?

The work environment at MSW is very warm and comfortable. Given that MSW follows a hybrid work style, we have more freedom to plan our time. Every month, we have different team-building activities, which provide us with more opportunities to learn from each other. Additionally, every week, we engage in recreational activities, such as yoga, meditation, massages, etc. Everyone at MSW is warm-hearted and kind, which makes it a great workplace.


6. In your opinion, how will your experience at MSW help you in your career ahead?

The experience at MSW strengthened my interest in digital marketing. Therefore, in my second year at Neoma, I look forward to studying digital marketing as my specialization. I hope to take my learnings from MSW forward and become a seasoned marketing professional in the future.