Faces of climate change

A study in green... and blue

Today, despite the urge of the climate situation, three leaders of powerful countries decided not to attend the debates during the Climate Action Summit 2019 organized by UN. As a scientific publication platform, and as people concerned about what earth will become, we could not stop thinking about Greta Thunberg's words.


 "For more than thirty years, the science have been cristal clear"

source : un.org


A platinum-coated piece of news

"Despite huge technological advancement in the field of renewable energy [...] the rate of greenhouse gas emissions has not even levelled off but rather kept increasing"

While those figures are gradually increasing, a certain hope appeared, and it lies within the use of noble metal material. Its use in the development of hydrogen fuel technology could bring a new step to the struggle against greenhouse gas emissions. Indeed, platinum is used as a catalyst to speed up the process of hydrogen production, and therefore accelerate the rising of a full hydrogen fuel powering. 

Low Noble Metal Content Catalysts for Hydrogen Fuel Technology

source: TU Delft Repository

Water accounting made simple  

Water, our most important ressource, has one of the most uneven repartition around the globe. Water accounting is consequently a mandatory procedure in order to keep an eye on our water consumption and production. Sadly, those method were not standardized.... until now. This study demonstrate that a democratized framework is not only simpler to use, but could as well help saving ecosystems and water supplies. 
source: MDPI 

A study on Non Point Source (NPS) pollution in Korea 


The NPS pollution is the primary cause of pollution in Korea. A 81 year period of NPS pollutant was run on 6 informatic models in order to determine its impact around the year 2100. The soil and water assessment tool was used and the result are revealing : correctly managing the loads of NPS pollutant could reduce the amount of toxic nitrogen by 5% to 27%. 

Impacts of Climate Change Scenarios on Non-Point Source Pollution in the Saemangeum Watershed, South Korea 

Source: MDPI

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