Education: Advances and Challenges

"Education correlates strongly with most important social and economic outcomes such as economic success, health, family stability, and social connections."
- Michael Hout, Annual Review of Sociology.

Education changes the lives of individuals and impacts society over generations. This special article collection includes expert perspectives on education research through many lenses and time horizons.

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Higher Education

Education Financing and Student Lending, Annual Review of Financial Economics

Social and Economic Returns to College Education in the United States
Annual Review of Sociology

Affirmative Action in Undergraduate Education, Annual Review of Economics

Improving Student Outcomes in Higher Education: The Science of Targeted Intervention, Annual Review of Psychology

Sieve, Incubator, Temple, Hub: Empirical and Theoretical Advances in the Sociology of Higher Education, Annual Review of Sociology

Particle Physics Outreach to Secondary Education
Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science

Toward Equality in Schools

Migrations and Schooling, Annual Review of Anthropology

60 Years After Brown: Trends and Consequences of School Segregation
Annual Review of Sociology

Testing and Social Stratification in American Education, Annual Review of Sociology

Learning Beyond the School Walls: Trends and Implications, Annual Review of Sociology

Identifying Pathways Between Socioeconomic Status and Language Development
Annual Review of Linguistics

School Reform 2007: Transforming Education into a Scientific Enterprise
Annual Review of Sociology

STEM Education, Annual Review of Sociology

Health and Education

The Relationship Between Education and Health: Reducing Disparities Through a Contextual Approach, Annual Review of Public Health

Schooling and Children's Mental Health: Realigning Resources to Reduce Disparities and Advance Public Health, Annual Review of Clinical Psychology

Early Care, Education, and Child Development, Annual Review of Psychology

Instructional Effectiveness of Multimedia, Before Computers A Legacy View from 1965

Mass Communication and Educational Media, Annual Review of Psychology

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