Drawing of the Month: What does open access bring to researchers ?

Image: Open Access - MyScienceWork

Such a good question! Each month, MyScienceWork wants to share with you its interpretation of the month's theme. Guillaume Monnain from AKENIUM gave us his version of open access. 


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Benefits of open access


Guillaume Monnain is a master graduate in biotechnology and in business management school. After 13 years in health industry, he decided to share his passion: science communication!

During his scientific studies, the part he appreciated the most was the realization of drawings and sketches: without being artistic, they allowed once well labeled to memorize and to explain the classes in a blink of an eye. So, he created AKENIUM, a scientific communication and vulgarization agency.

He offers solutions that improve the understanding, accessibility and attractiveness of your scientific content. Illustrations, Live-sketching, Vidéoscribing and much more. Thanks to the drawings, add a touch of playfulness to your communication!


Together, make science easier !