Crime and Society: Reviewing Research, Methods, and Policy

A series of articles that offer insights for advancing research to impact policy and regulation.

Annual Reviews offers free online access to 21 articles from our leading social science journals including several from our upcoming newest title: Annual Review of Criminology. Our editors invite leaders across disciplines and professions to synthesize research, issues, and trends. These review articles offer critical evaluation of the current state of knowledge and references to leading primary research. Authors share insights and offer avenues for advancing research to impact policy and regulation.

Diverse topics addressed in this collection include crime prevention; gender and crime; socio-legal studies and the US justice system; research methods; and societal, global, and regional issues of criminalization.

Publishing in January 2018 - Annual Review of Criminology
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Geopolitical Factors Influencing Crime


Crime Reduction and Crime Prevention


Criminalization and Its Impact


Gender Identity and Crime



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Immigration and Crime: Assessing a Contentious Issue

The Problems With Prosecutors

Collateral Consequences of Punishment: A Critical Review and Path Forward

Bringing Crime Trends Back into Criminology: A Critical Assessment of the Literature and a Blueprint for Future Inquiry

Policing in the Era of Big Data

Varieties of Mass Incarceration: What We Learn from State Histories

Offender Decision-Making in Criminology: Contributions from Behavioral Economics

Schools and Crime




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