Come join a participative Bay Area Open Access week event for Generation Open

Save the date to attend on October 23rd at SkyDeck, Berkeley

MyScienceWork is delighted to take part in an Open Access Week event in the Bay Area, alongside ScienceOpen, PeerJ and Zappy Lab! Join us on October 23rd and help us make this an event to remember!

[Edit on 26th September 2014] A warm welcome to Dan Morgan from UC Press who has joined the organizing team! He is in charge of the catering during the night, so if you are enjoying your snacks, you know who to congratulate!


"Generation Open": such is the theme for 2014 International Open Access Week! To be held from October 20 – 26, 2014, International Open Access Week is an opportunity to highlight the importance of students and early career researchers as advocates for change in the short-term, for a more open science. A series of event is thus to be held worldwide to promote the importance of putting our future scholars and researchers at the core of the shift to an open system of scholarly communication.

MyScienceWork is delighted to take part in an Open Access Week event in the Bay Area on October 23rd, alongside Liz Allen (ScienceOpen), Pete Binfield (PeerJ, with Georgina Gurnhill in the UK) and Lenny Teytelman (Zappy Lab) and Dan Morgan (UC Press)!

Open Access Week 2014: 20th 26th October, Worldwide

When brainstorming about what our ideal Open Access Week event would be like, we agreed that we wanted to avoid a traditional format. Here is what we settled on:

. Moderated un-conference where the audience talks and asks questions

. Simple event theme, we picked “#OpenAccess – it’s up to all of us"

. “Lightning talks” that anyone can give, 5 image slides in 5 minutes

. Time to chat and mingle over a drink and something to eat

. Ideally, a cool venue with great views (with Disabled Access)

We are proud to announce that the program below seems to achieve pretty much our vision. We ran it past our academic partners UCSF Library(Anneliese Taylor), UAW post-doc union (Felicia Goldsmith) and they liked it too. Now all we need is for you all to save the date and make this an event to remember!

Date: Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Venue: SkyDeck, Berkeley (one of the first research university startup accelerators)

Time: 6.00 pm – 8.30 pm

Theme: #OpenAccess – it’s up to all of us

Format (suitable for global cloning!):

. 8 mins – relax with a drink, a snack and “What is OA?” video by Jorge Cham (PhD Comics), Nick Shockey (Right to Research) and Jonathan Eisen (UCD)

. 10 minutes – un-conference on theme: “How does publishing in OA journals impact an academic career?”

. 20 minutes – topic discussion with moderation by Lenny Teytelman 

. 10 minutes – grab another drink (alcoholic or non), stave off hunger with nibbles

. 40 minutes – lightning talks anyone can give (for those who wish to participate: 20 images, 20 secs, video for viral output): “#OpenAccess – it’s up to all of us”

. Last 30 minutes or so – greeting old friends and making some new ones


So, are you as excited as we are? You can RSVP right now on Eventbrite and join us for this great event!

To take part in the lightning talks, please send your slides to [email protected] no later than Monday October 20th.

Finally, in the spirit of “the more the merrier” other OA publishers and academic partners who want to participate are welcome to email Liz