No Code Institutional Repositories - What, why and for whom?


One of the biggest challenges institutes associate with the rise of the big data era is the lack of IT resources and budgets to manage institutional data. Having a No Code solution allows institutions to not only bypass these limitations, but also allow repository managers and librarians to regain control and exercise independent management of institutional repositories (setting up, customisation and updates) with little to no IT skills.

Let’s dive in and explore the multiple functionalities (automated deposit workflows/curation/classification of content, advanced analytical insights) and measurable benefits (for repository users) of having a no code solution.

A No Code Repository Solution is

A new approach that allows Repository Managers and Librarians to build solutions based on their own needs, without having a squadron of IT staff. AI powered Polaris OS is one such example of a no code repository solution that allows users to implement a powerful open source repository offering complex functions with little to no programming skills.


A No Code Solution looks 

Effortlessly robust and scalable for an end result that looks something like this.

A No Code Solution allows

Repository Managers and librarians exert full control from the initial implementation to customising and updating with little to no programming skills, economising institutional time and resources. This includes but is not limited to tasks such as:

  • Configuration, customization and updates
  • Customizable workflows 
  • Tailored forms
  • Tools to define metadata model
  • Interoperability
  • Users management
  • Simple, graphical interface 
  • Linking open repository to other systems & platform
  • Customization of charts



A No Code Solution Empowers

Repository managers & curators: Build and maintain a powerful repository (with hardly any IT skills) automating as much tasks as possible eg:- automatic extraction of patterns, descriptions, projects, trends etc. all the while increasing research field competitiveness

Researchers: Automatic deposit workflow with pre-filling services supported by AI algorithms that allow PDF metadata retrieval.

Developers: Direct access to an easily manageable evolving open source solution brings forth the added value of being able to focus on new and improved features within the institution.