Blockchain 2017: A Study of All Research and Patented Technology

MyScienceWork presents key findings about research on blockchain extracted from the analysis of 2,000+ sources of research publications and technologies

MyScienceWork has just completed a study of 2,000+ scholarly papers and patents sources to assess the current state-of-the-art of research on blockchain.

The science data company just produced the largest study of blockchain research yet conducted. Its key findings include Top Countries, Top Institutions and Top Authors/Inventors worldwide and per regions. 

Data and findings are based on the text-mining of an unprecedented variety of peer-review research, books, conferences proceedings, patents as well as thousands of preprints and grey literature.

The uniqueness of this comprehensive study is to capture research trends before they even get published and to include cross-findings from multiple sources and disciplines as well as unpublished but major works such as the funding paper on blockchain, a document from 2008 that was never officially published but serve as the holy grail of blockchain.

Please find below an infographic presenting some key findings. For more information or to get access to the full 120-page study, please contact: [email protected]