Backstage at a Pasteur lab, first steps on Mars, WAX Science and Knock Knock Doc

[May13-17, 2013] The editors’ note about your science week

This week, we invite you to travel with us from backstage at a lab at Pasteur, into space and its microgravity.


This week, we invite you to travel with us from backstage at a lab at Pasteur, into space and its microgravity.


Our video of the week is an interview with Jean-Claude Manuguerra, director of the Laboratory for Urgent Response to Biological Threats (CIBU, Cellule d’Intervention Biologique d’Urgence) of the Institut Pasteur in Paris.

What to do when you’re faced with an unidentified agent causing an epidemic? It’s a difficult mission that is fulfilled by the CIBU team in Paris. Scientists and technicians works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when the situation becomes critical. Discover their work and the tools used by the CIBU.

Video: Pasteur’s Lab for Urgent Response to Biological Threats “We’re specialists of nothing, but accountable for everything.”


Other scientists are also doing a great job in other fields. That’s something we illustrated this week with our two articles about space research.

The first is an interview with Mouhannad Nassouri. This PhD student has the great opportunity to work with Novespace the only European company carrying out zero gravity flights.

Arthur, the journalism intern for Knock Knock Doc, met him in the Airbus A300 Zero-G. The video of their discussion is here Knock Knock Doc - Episode 09 # Season 1 Research in Weightlessness


In our second article, we travel from Earth to space.  Indeed, you are welcome to participate in the next  “Mardis de l’espace”, on May 21, which will address the question: How will we travel into space and to Mars? Two engineers will focus on the technological perspectives for spacecraft propulsion and prove that this project is not merely a matter of science fiction.

New types of propulsion towards our first steps on Mars - The future of space conquest, for this 2nd to last "Mardi de l’espace" of the season


On the downside of travelling to Mars.


And to conclude, we’d like to congratulate the WAX Science team. These students have just launched a collaborative platform in order to raise awareness among youth about stereotypes in science. WAX Science, a new way to fight stereotypes Launch of the platform


Have a nice weekend!


The MyScienceWork Team