Annual Reviews: Making our world tuberculosis free

Image: Annual Reviews: Making our world tuberculosis free

In 1882, Dr. Robert Koch's discovery of the tuberculosis bacillus (TB) astounded the scientific community. Today, a UN Sustainable Goal calls for ending the TB epidemic by 2030. Will history be made in the next 12 years?

In recognition of World TB Day, Annual Reviews has curated a special collection of articles. Collectively, these authoritative resources have been cited more than 2,300 times.* Make your mark to #EndTB, and stay informed by Annual Reviews' experts. Multidisciplinary topics include genetics, immunity, drug resistance, the anthropological history of epidemics, and more.

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Genetics and Tuberculosis

The Magic Bullets and Tuberculosis Drug Targets (458 citations)
Ying Zhang

Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Aspects of Genetic Susceptibility to Human Infectious Diseases (260 citations)
Adrian V.S. Hill 
Annual Review of Genetics

Host Genetics of Mycobacterial Diseases in Mice and Men: Forward Genetic Studies of BCG-osis and Tuberculosis (151 citations)
A. Fortin, L. Abel, J.L. Casanova, and P. Gros 
Annual Review of Genomics and Human Genetics

Host-Pathogen Interactions in Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases: A Genomic Perspective of Tuberculosis, Malaria, Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection, Hepatitis B, and Cholera (72 citations)
Janet M. McNicholl, Marie V. Downer, Venkatachalam Udhayakumar, Chester A. Alper, and David L. Swerdlow
Annual Review of Public Health

Immunity and Latency

The Immune Response in Tuberculosis (566 citations)
Anne O'Garra, Paul S. Redford, Finlay W. McNab, Chloe I. Bloom, Robert J. Wilkinson, and Matthew P.R. Berry
Annual Review of Immunology

Tuberculosis Pathogenesis and Immunity (244 citations)
Jennifer A. Philips and Joel D. Ernst 
Annual Review of Pathology: Mechanisms of Disease

Letting Sleeping dos Lie: Does Dormancy Play a Role in Tuberculosis? (169 citations)

Michael C. Chao and Eric J. Rubin
Annual Review of Microbiology

Drug Resistance

Prospects for Tuberculosis Elimination (183 citations)
Christopher Dye, Philippe Glaziou, Katherine Floyd, and Mario Raviglione 
Annual Review of Public Health

Tuberculosis (117 citations)
Parvathi Tiruviluamala and Lee B. Reichman
Annual Review of Public Health

Bovine Tuberculosis in Cattle: Vaccines, DIVA Tests, and Host Biomarker Discovery
(19 citations)
H. Martin Vordermeier, Gareth J. Jones, Bryce M. Buddle, R. Glyn Hewinson, and 
Bernardo Villarreal-Ramos
Annual Review of Animal Biosciences

Archaeological Evidence of Epidemics Can Inform Future Epidemics (3 citations)
Sharon N. DeWitte
Annual Review of Anthropology

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 *Citation counts listed are from Google Scholar.