Annual Reviews: Automation and Robotics

Reviews of decades of advances in control, robotics, and automation.

“The number of industrial robots deployed worldwide will increase to around 2.6 million units by 2019.” - World Robotics Report, IFR, 2016
Robotics, control, and automation are already becoming familiar in many aspects of our lives—from medicine and movement, to food deliveries by drone or self-driving vehicle, to robots that can provide comfort to stroke victims by understanding and emulating human behavior.

The Annual Review of Control, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems, which will publish its inaugural volume later this month, covers new developments in these increasingly important areas. While this new journal looks to the future, an interdisciplinary article collection from Annual Reviews provides insight into advances from the past two decades.

This is a Special article collection reviews 20 years of technological advances. You can see here all articles.

In 1999, pioneers Dr. Robert D. Howe and Dr. Yoky Matsuoka published "Robotics for Surgery" in the first volume of the Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering. In 2018, the application of robotic technology has expanded, pushing engineers to factor self-regulation and reasoning through artificial intelligence into their designs, as reviewed in "Planning and Decision-Making for Autonomous Vehicles." Other topics in this collection include biomimicry in robotics, feedback and sensing, and human-robot interaction.

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The Annual Review of Control, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems, edited by Naomi Ehrich Leonard, publishes in May 2018.
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(Two articles from the first volume are featured in the article collection below.

Robotics and Medicine

Microrobots for Minimally Invasive Medicine
Bradley J. Nelson, Ioannis K. Kaliakatsos, and Jake J. Abbott
Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering

Robotics for Surgery
Robert D. Howe and Yoky Matsuoka 
Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering

Robotics, Motor Learning, and Neurologic Recovery
David J. Reinkensmeyer, Jeremy L. Emken, and Steven C. Cramer
Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering

Stroke Rehabilitation: Strategies to Enhance Motor Recovery

Michael W. O'Dell, Chi-Chang David Lin, and Victoria Harrison
Annual Review of Medicine

Magnetic Resonance-Compatible Robotic and Mechatronics Systems for Image-Guided Interventions and Rehabilitation: A Review Study
Nikolaos V. Tsekos, Azadeh Khanicheh, Eftychios Christoforou, and Constantinos Mavroidis
Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering

Robotics and Movement

Biological Soft Robotics
Adam W. Feinberg
Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering

Fish Locomotion: Recent Advances and New Directions
George V. Lauder
Annual Review of Marine Science

Insect Walking and Robotics
Fred Delcomyn
Annual Review of Entomology

Robotics and Human Behavior

Interactions With Robots: The Truths We Reveal About Ourselves
Elizabeth Broadbent
Annual Review of Psychology

Planning and Decision-Making for Autonomous Vehicles - NEW!
Wilko Schwarting, Javier Alonso-Mora, and Daniela Rus
Annual Review of Control, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems

Robotics, Automation, and Business

How Technology Is Changing Work and Organizations
Wayne F. Cascio and Ramiro Montealegre
Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior

The Impacts of Automation and High Frequency Trading on Market Quality
Robert Litzenberger, Jeff Castura, and Richard Gorelick
Annual Review of Financial Economics

Data Processing, Feedback, and Adaptation in Robotics

Adaptive Microsensor Systems
Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna and Andreas Hierlemann
Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry

Synthesis for Robots: Guarantees and Feedback for Robot Behavior - NEW!
Hadas Kress-Gazit, Morteza Lahijanian, and Vasumathi Raman
Annual Review of Control, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems

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