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21 FREE Articles from Biodiversity to Engineering to Resources






APRIL 2022

21 FREE Articles from Biodiversity to Engineering to Resources

"Coastal communities and those of sub-Antarctic islands, especially range-restricted endemic communities, will likely suffer the greatest negative consequences of climate change." –A.D. Rogers et al., Annual Review of Marine Science, 2020


The climate crisis is causing long-term damage to our planet, with growing concerns for small islands, coasts, oceans, and generally the natural environment as we know it. Global average sea level has risen nearly 7" over the past 100 years, and arctic sea ice extent has decreased by 13% per decade since 1979 (NASA, Global Climate Change, 2022). To prevent further adverse change, scientists from across the world are collaborating to advance their research in multiple disciplines including environmental, Earth, and marine science. From assessing changes in ocean ecosystems to tracking marine heatwaves, crucial insights are being uncovered to inform future action and develop new technologies against climate change.
Annual Reviews has curated this new review article collection that broadly explores climate change's impact on our natural environment, particularly focusing on freshwater and marine ecosystems. The reviews span multiple fields of study including meteorology, oceanography, and geography, and explore public health, climate engineering, and resource management.
In this interdisciplinary climate change collection, our experts discuss five key areas:
  • Marine Ecosystems and Species Biodiversity
  • Island and Coastal Protection
  • Meteorological Impact of Climate Change
  • Technology and Engineering
  • Public Health, Resource Management, and Policy
Our Climate Change: Freshwater and Marine Impact collection of 21 review articles from 6 Annual Reviews journals is freely available to download and share with colleagues and students through May 31, 2022, and always available through subscribing institutions.
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Articles in this collection include:

Marine Ecosystems and Species Biodiversity:

Island and Coastal Protection:

Meteorological Impact of Climate Change:

Technology and Engineering:

Public Health, Resource Management, and Policy:

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