A New Approach to Data Protection

[Video] Researchers work on a more privacy-friendly way to manage our data

As a resource comparable in value to what oil once was, our personal data must be better protected. Today's infrastructure does not respect privacy standards, explains Nicolas Anciaux, a computer science researcher at France's Inria. In this video, he explains the details of a new approach to data protection that lets each of us maintain control over our personal information.

Our personal data has become a resource comparable to what oil used to be. “Economic models exploit them. Soaring profits in the field are the proof,” explains Nicolas Anciaux, computer scientist at Inria, a French computer science research institute. But as there are no rules that let each of us control this resource, “we can say it’s like plundering personal data.”


Nicolas Anciaux, a member of the Secured and Mobile Information Systems (SMIS) group at Inria, works on a new approach to handling our most valuable information. Instead of centralizing all of our data and passing control over them to a third party – which is not compatible with directives on privacy protection –, this innovative method makes it possible for everyone to keep his or her data on a personal server with the calculation codes necessary to obtain only a desired result. The functionalities remain the same; the security is far superior.

In this video, Nicolas Anciaux explains this new approach and its first results, as well as the applications his team envisions for the future.


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This article is a translation of "Une nouvelle approche de la protection de nos données", translated from French by Timothée Froelich.