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[June 10-14, 2013] The editor's note about your science week

More than 100,000 people now count themselves fans of MyScienceWork. One reason might be the diversity of subjects covered. Take, for example, this week's publications...

This week marked a significant milestone in the life of MyScienceWork and for its Facebook community: we shot past the mark of 100,000 “likes” and kept on running! Why? Do our fans most appreciate exchanging on the MyScienceWork network? The Open Access search engine? The multidisciplinary news, live tweets or scientific press review on Facebook? You can cast your vote by leaving a comment after the article. 

100,000 MyScienceWork fans can't be wrong!

This week also brought us the final installment of the singularity trilogy from contributor Rodhlann Jornod. This time, he highlights the necessity of reflecting on what social and political upheaval the technological singularity might bring. If you missed them the first time, you can catch up on the whole series this weekend. 

1- The Technological Singularity: Heading for Transhumanism

The first article in a trilogy on the singularity by Rodhlann Jornod

2- Nebulous Understanding of the Technological Singularity

Man augmented and artificial intelligence: Grasp the future

3- At the dawn of political upheaval called the singularity

The singularity as an ideological and social revolution

On a smaller scale, a certain technological revolution can also be seen in the work of the forensic police. Gérard Wajcman studied this by undertaking a psychoanalysis of…CSI! Read about his conclusions regarding the testimony of things versus people, as portrayed in such tv crime series, in this article by Tatiana Malherbe:

CSI: Where objects speak the truth

In another realm—climate change—the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions would seem to testify to cleaner energy practices. A drop in emissions was indeed seen in the European Union in 2011, according to a recent report, but the numbers don’t tell the whole story…

EU greenhouse gas emissions fell in 2011: Progress, but... 


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