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String Theory and Math: This Spring at the IHP

Three months dedicated to exchanges between the two fields have just begun at the Institut Henri Poincaré.

By Abby Tabor | Science Writer at NASA's Ames Research Center

A new thematic quarter has begun at the Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP) in Paris that just may help find the fundamental theory of the universe. This is the objective of the field of string theory and the current session aims to encourage and enhance the numerous beneficial exchanges between string theory and mathematics.

Each year, the IHP hosts innovative, multidisciplinary programs lasting three months that offer participants the chance to gather in one place and reflect in depth on an advanced research topic in math or theoretical physics. 

The Mathematics of String Theory, the program running now through July 15, will facilitate progress by creating a rich, two-way flow between string theorists and mathematicians, culminating in the String-Math 2016 conference at the end of June.

Themes from Geometry to Gender Imbalance

The quarter began with an introductory school designed to bring grad students and post-docs from each field up to speed on the others’, thanks to speakers working at the frontier between the two.

The main session of the program is now underway and will feature four workshops, on themes from geometry to gender:

April 25-27: String Geometry and BPS State Counting

May 23-25: Number Theory and Physics

May 23-June 5: (0,2) models

June 9-10: String Theory and Gender

“Since the early 90s, string theory has been generating new research directions in math,” explains Dr. Amir-Kian Kashani-Poor, co-organizer of the quarter, and this highly abstract branch of physics needs the tools of mathematics to describe its higher dimensional theory of the universe. This spring at the IHP, that mutual benefit is getting the attention it deserves.

To learn more about the program on the mathematics of string theory and the IHP thematic quarters in general, to find relevant research, or to connect with the participants, visit the Polaris platform dedicated to the String-Math quarter.

The spring 2016 quarter at the IHP is organized by:

• Miranda Chih-Ning CHENG



• David Robert MORRISON

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